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Value Beyond your sight line

A collaborative sales strategy to build compelling financial impact statements with key customers that produced improved market share for the supplier and improved profits for the distributor.


Over 20 MUSD in financial value uncovered, documented and accepted by the end use customers in less than one year.

Channel Enhancement

Review of market penetration exposed potential sales and share improvement by adding niche channel partners.


Strategy to introduce new partners, calm existing partners, and manage potential price conflicts was developed.


New channel partner sales grew significantly, where one of the new partners is now within the top six channel partners for the client.

Preferred Partner Program

In need of a way to stratify channel partnerships and enhance promotional and sales activity in a highly competitive market, we developed a ground breaking Preferred Partner program that delivered:

Improved share of business

Improved profitability for both the supplier and the channel partner

Focused activity metrics

Competitive advantage and barriers to entry

Improved data sharing across the sales enterprise

Channel Compensation Programs

Delivery of sustainable and strategic compensation model for a company who sells an array of technical as well as commodity products through industrial channels.


Profitability, market share, product mix, pricing metrics and stepped compensation modeling brought successful year over year results for most of the last decade.

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